Sweaty Palms

Very first blog post! Relating "sweaty palms" to daily life.

9/1/2021 1 min read

You might be wondering, "Why did you name your first blog post 'Sweaty Palms'?" Well, this describes the sensation of how my nervousness takes over me when doing something new, like this blog. I feel this way towards starting something very unfamiliar, very different from what I usually do. While writing this blog, my hands are starting to tense up, struggling to type properly. I want to become a person that steps out of my comfort zone while also facing challenges with an open heart. Creating this website took me a very long time because it was my first time doing this EVER (minus my software engineering class websites). I struggled to try to find the right message to portray, the right fonts, the right layout, the right logo. But, I got to eventually where I am now, which is creating my very first post on “Brown Girls: Reunite”. I got to learn so much through this process, making this a very meaningful time for me. Thinking about my dedication makes the tense muscles in my fingers swell down, making me type smoother. You might also be wondering “Why did this random teenager decide to make this website?”. I wish I had this website growing up. Being South Asian wasn’t a large part of my identity until late middle school-early high school. I had times in which I wanted to conform and not be my true self. I wanted to fit everyone’s expectations of me, and I wasn’t happy. I also wished to see women who looked like me pursuing careers that I don't see too much within my family or anyone near me. It would've inspired younger me to follow my dreams and not care about the "standards" I had to follow. I wish this website can help people who had a period of time, like me to let go and be free of the barriers stopping them.